Firstly meet The Swede in The Swaussies, Michelle. Michelle is a 26 year young keen traveller who grew up in a small town in south east Sweden named Vimmerby. Fun fact about Vimmerby is that amongst the population of 8000 people is where the delicious Cider Rekorderlig is brewed. Interesting huh? Anyway… Michelle, Shelly, Micha or even known as the pasta lover is a passionate traveller. Touching down in all continents except South America.. for now 😉


Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba and then U.S.A was Michelles favourite trip which she did in 2016. She dreams big and isn’t afraid of a challenge, or a beer! Her claim to fame is making Swede’s National Newspaper and news programs as she got snowed in for 48 hours in J.F.K airport in New York.

You’ll see Michelle always laughing and being a little (literally =P) fun ball. As one of her nickname suggests, she loves pasta. Like, she really loves pasta! We go to a Greek restaurant – PASTA, pub feed – PASTA, I actually recall Michelle asking a sushi joint for their finest carbonara. That might have been a lie but you get the point.


Hard to keep up with at times as she speed walks everywhere, Michelle is a surfy chick. Haven’t you seen her tan and hair? Well she looks the part. Shelly is also a shredder in skiing and loves hikes, even though she often complains 😉 ohh yeah and she might hold the title for best go cart racer… until my rematch.

An absolute sucker for animals that can’t walk past a dog without patting it for fifteen minutes, she is selfless and so loving to everyone and every living thing. Watch this space and in 20 years Michelle will be that girl with 52 rescue dogs in her backyard, promise.

An optometrist might have prescribed glasses to Michelle but that hasn’t stopped a thing, she’s the artistic half and clever behind the lens and super creative. Friendly to everyone and knowing 5 languages Michelle is the perfect travel buddy and best friend… and translator. Check out her personal Instagram too @michellewegert


StAy WEiRd. x

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