The Adventure Begins

April 4th, 2017.

After 3 months of living together in Australia Michelle and I packed what we could into our backpacks with a ticket to Thailand for a wedding. The rest was a mystery. We only knew the outcome was to end up in Stockholm, Sweden at some point. The ideas lingering of going up north to Laos and heading back down through Vietnam and ending up in Cambodia. After a farewell dinner with family and friends throwing down too many Sangria’s, a cracking headache and our passports in hand we were off to Sydney Airport. Plenty of hugs and many tears later from mum (Caz) and that was it, Southeast Asia here we come!


I’ve flown with AirAsia before and I could swear we had in flight entertainment so after talking about whether we should get movies on our laptops or sort some type of entertainment I was adamant I was right, I always am =P. Well shocking news, as we walked on our flight to Phuket with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur the first thing we notice, no TV’s… no nothing. Not even one fold down TV like an old school bus has right up the front that everyone squints to try to catch a glimpse. This was not only going to be uncomfy but boring as ! Guess that’s what you get when you jump on the cheapest flights on sale. Lucky we have good banter and I have good headphones for when Michelle is snoring in my ear. Uno cards are always a must too in our day packs.


After arriving in Kuala Lumpur we had a quick stop over which involved some Mcdonalds and a Starbucks coffee and we were off again. Parting ways from my brother Sean who took the first flight with us, see you soon at the wedding Seano! Next stop, Thailand.



When we arrived to Thailand we got a mini bus after waiting for what felt like forever in the heat. It was so annoying seeing people just turn up and get put in mini buses before us but once we had enough people going to the same area we were shuffled into the mini-bus and before we knew it we pulled up and the driver said this was our stop, pointed up the road and left. Everything happened so fast and we couldn’t see shit. No hostel around and certainly not many travellers. Feeling a bit sketchy we went for a short stroll before walking into a different hostel and trying to explain to the reception lady who barely knew english that we were looking for a hostel, which wasn’t her one we were standing in. After many awkward laughs and too much confusion later we convinced her to let us on her wifi and then bam! Google maps to the rescue.


It ends up the bus man dropped us pretty close to where we had to go, he just pointed the wrong direction, we had to go up a street opposite of where he pointed. We were feeling pretty jetlagged so we checked in and planned for a quick look around the area to see what was around. Phuket Old Town has a cool little vibe to it, sweet cafes, restaurants and bright coloured murals on the walls but we were buggered. A few photos and exploring and we were back to jump in our bed which Michelle and I both needed bad.


We were well rested and with some spare time before we needed to get on our ferry to Phi Phi Islands, we were on the hunt for some good food. The last solid meal we had was at our farewell in Sydney with a few shitty plane meals and Mcdonalds in between. We stumbled across Pancake Corner in Phuket Old Town, just down the road from where we were staying… One word, wow!!


Now I’m not usually one to be a food critic or take photos of food but this was the bomb. Michelle and I actually ordered pancakes each plus the specialty Chocolate Lava to share between us which was amazing!! Fatty’s I know but I would do it all again in a heartbeat, mmmmm. Add a coffee with that and feeling super full we grabbed our bags, got to the dock and were ready for our adventure to The Phi Phi Islands.


StAy WEiRd. Kane x

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